3 Steps to Create Good Work

3 Steps to Create Good Work

Your business can only be a real business if it solves a real problem, attracts your ideal clients, and focuses on the benefits of your product. God has equipped you to live out the vision He has given you for your business. A little business savvy never hurts either. 

Today, let's explore how to create good work by solving real problems.


1. Define the problem

Write out what I call your meta-goal, that ONE problem your business solves. Once you have that, then the means to solving it become unique to you. That is the beauty of creating something only God can give to you.

Take time to work through your one problem (the burning question your clients ask) and what your inspired solution is for them. Take time with God to bring your brilliance into the world. It will be Good.


2. Find those with the problem.

You will need to create a picture of your customer or client.  It is helpful to create a list of the types of people who have the problem you solve.  From there, you can dig deeper and create your Avatar with qualities and characteristics that include gender, marital status, spending habits, hobbies, location, and net worth.

First, list all the common traits of your ideal customer - both demographic and psychographic.

Then, roll all those commonalities into ONE specific person. Give them a full identity - name, age, occupation, family, etc.

When you know who you serve then you can focus on finding them where they hang out. God designed you to attract your ideal clients. They will resonate with your message and it will be Good.


3. Solve the problem.

Customers buy products and services because they want to solve a problem (we have established that). Consciously or unconsciously, your customers will always be asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” Your product and service offerings must deliver solutions and satisfy needs, or they won’t be successful.

Benefits are the reasons to buy from you. So, let’s look at how to transform the features or your products or services into benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • The gas mileage on a car is a feature; the amount of money you can save on gas is a benefit.
  • Pockets on the front of a sweater is a feature; having a place for your keys and keeping your hands warm in the winter are both benefits.
  • Home delivery is a feature; not having to interrupt your schedule to go to the store is a benefit.

Every one of your product’s features can be turned into a benefit with a little practice. Doing so will also help you better understand what your client is looking for in a product like yours.

Remember that benefits don’t always have to solve a literal “problem”; some of them work on a strictly emotional level. Benefits that your customers make a personal connection to (not a practical connection), give them a different reason to invest in your brand.

For example, the emotional benefit of buying hand-crafted jewelry is that nobody else in the world will have the exact same item you have. This appeals to the customer’s emotional need for independence and identity.

No matter if you have a physical product or a service you should be able to list its benefits because, they are good.

Yes, these three steps can seem simple ... but in my experience, it is well worth a second look through the lens of your what is Good about your business. If you do not know the specific problem your business solves, you will continue to bring more and more products/services into the market, thus confusing people about what you really do.

If you don’t know who you serve and really niche down into your ideal client then your voice will be drowned out by all the competing businesses instead of being amplified by a clear message.

AND, if you are only focusing on what your product components are and not engaging with the felt needs of those you want to serve, you will miss many opportunities.

Your business is Good. God has seen to it that you are equipped to serve those He has called you to serve. Let’s make sure you are meeting their needs and turn good into BETTER.  


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