4 Marketing Mistakes That Are Stunting Your Business Growth

4 Marketing Mistakes That Are Stunting Your Business Growth

This article was written by Kendra Chambers, Co-Founder of Humble & Whole:

I think we all can agree that marketing is non-negotiable to build a profitable and sustainable business.  

As a digital marketing strategist, I love experimenting with different methods to produce profitable results for my clients.  

But I’ve also surveyed and observed hundreds of entrepreneurs and discovered that there are 4 common mistakes that hold them back from a profitable and sustainable business.


1. Lack of consistency

Consistency is key for every entrepreneur with high hopes of creating a profitable and sustainable business.  

Why? Well, if you’re not showing up consistently, there’s a good chance you have a competitor who is.  

The strongest brands are those who deliver high quality content consistently to keep their audience engaged.

You can’t build trust or establish a strong reputation if one month you’re blogging and doing live video and the next two months you’re MIA.

“With consistent, engaging content, you can hit touch points on your audience members’ online journeys, build connections with them, and position your brand to be top-of-mind when they think of their most trusted and liked resources.” (source)

When you are consistent, your audience will recognize that you truly are an expert in your industry and will know, like, and trust you.


2. Not showing up where your target audience is

After a new client tells me what their goals are for the month or quarter, guess what I do next? Find their target audience and/or confirm that their community is composed of the right people.

No marketing strategy I create will ever be effective if my client is talking to the wrong people.

It doesn’t matter how consistently you blog, post on social media, or hop on FB Live.  If you’re not attracting your target audience, you’ll hear crickets, your calendar stays empty, and income is nonexistent.

Take a step back and assess who is following you on social media.  Who is in your FB group?

If your community doesn’t resemble your ideal client or customer profile, then you’ve got to go where they’re likely to hang out and start building relationships to attract them to your digital communities.


3. Not promoting yourself

How will your dream clients inquire about working with you or purchase from you if you aren’t talking about your availability or sharing that you have products for sale.

A lot of entrepreneurs feel ashamed to ask for the sale or promote themselves, but it’s important to remember that a business is meant to serve others.  

You have an amazing product or service that is designed to help make the lives of your ideal clients and customers easier.  But you won’t be able to serve them if you don’t let them know about the solution you have.


4. Trying to keep up with all the marketing trends

Things move fast in business. Social media is changing all the time.  New software is released on the market constantly.  It’s all so much to take in.

Trying to keep up with the latest trends is the fastest and surefire path to burnout.  There’s not enough time in the day to experiment with everything.

Staying focused on the latest trends also prevents you from getting laser-focused on what’s actually working right now in your business, and can lead to being inconsistent.  

Instead of trying to keep up with #allthethings, pick one social media platform or marketing strategy to give your all for 90 days and assess the results before introducing something else.


As the lifeline of your business, marketing is not something you can afford to do inconsistently or without a strategy.  

Poor community engagement, low web traffic, feast or famine cycles with sales or clients are all warning signs that the lifeline of your business is in danger.  

To be profitable and sustainable for the long haul, you can’t ignore the warning signs or just hope for the best by haphazardly marketing your business.

It can be overwhelming and tough to figure out what consistency for your brand looks like, where to find your target audience, what kind of promotional content actually results in sales and which trends actually make sense for your business.  

If you’re struggling and you know you’re making 1 or more of these mistakes, then lets chat on a Rescue My Marketing session to identify how to move your business forward.  

Kendra is the co-founder of Humble & Whole, a digital marketing agency that helps female entrepreneurs build online communities that are both meaningful and profitable. She is on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs to share their voice and offerings confidently so that they can make a greater impact and create more income. Follow along with Kendra and her work at @humbleandwhole on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.