4 Mindsets to Building the Kingdom with Your Business

4 Mindsets to Building the Kingdom with Your Business

In the routine rat race of each day, it’s easy to detach some parts of our lives from our experience as believers. This couldn't be more true when it comes to work. After all, we’ve been taught our entire lives that faith shouldn’t be mixed with our professional life. But I’ve discovered that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Work/Vocation is an Arena For Ministry

As entrepreneurs, this mindset can quickly takeover the culture of our businesses if we’re not intentional about avoiding it. Fortunately, one of the greatest freedoms of being an entrepreneur is that your work can be an extension of ministry. Most people think of activities that take place in a traditional church setting when they hear the word “ministry,” but that’s not really where it happens. We spend more hours at work than anywhere else, so what better place to let your light shine? The best way to do it is simply by leading with your values. When people asks what’s the motivation behind your leadership style, you’ll have a chance to share the faith.


Your Business is a Building Block the Kingdom’s Economy

Every nation, no matter how large or obscure, has an economy. If the universal church is the Kingdom of God, then we certainly should make an effort to build its economic fortitude. While we certainly shouldn’t love money, we can’t deny the fact that “money answers all things” (see Ecclesiastes 10:19). If you own a business, it’s a HUGE opportunity to build up other believers economically. How? One of best way to do it is through business relationships. Whether through partnership with other Christian entrepreneurs or client-vendor relationships with faith-based orgs, your business can become a tool to build the Kingdom and invest in aspiring Christian entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship is an Extension of Divine Creativity

When you started your business, how did you know that you could survive against the competition? You’re in business because nobody can do what you do quite like you. You’re made in the image of God, who created the whole universe in six days. I’d say that makes you pretty creative, which makes you a formidable competitor in your market. The proof is in the fact that your business exists and earns money. So why not revel in your uniqueness and allow it to fuel the growth of your business? Be bold with your ideas, even if they seem small. The very thing that seems simple to you is a major pain point for others, and they need your gifts and talents—that’s why you’re an entrepreneur.


Seek Opportunities to “Do Well While Doing Good”

Responsibility goes hand in hand with the rewards of entrepreneurship. As a believer, you should be conscious of opportunities to spread the love of Christ through your business. There are plenty of ways you can implement corporate social responsibility, from volunteering to sponsoring charitable fundraisers. You can also build your business and help others by creating opportunities for people who normally wouldn’t have them. There are plenty of people who may never get a fair shot at a job or internship—why not be the company to change that? You could be the answer to somebody’s prayers, all while you’re building a talent pipeline for your business.

When you feel like you’re in a rut of mundaneness, remember this: your business is meant to change someone’s life.

We’re all members of the body of Christ, with diverse abilities. But at the end of the day, we all have one purpose—to use those abilities to lead others to Jesus.

So let’s get in marketplace and make ministry (and a little money too!)

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