5 Free Value-Packed Courses For Christian Female Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, there's a lot of stuff to learn. Can I get an amen?!

And learning can get expensive - which is especially hard when you're first starting out. If you're ready to get your feet wet without breaking the bank, check out these 5 FREE courses from Christian female entrepreneurs who are packing some serious business wisdom:


How To Monetize Your God-Given Calling

Has God given you a business dream that you just can't shake? Join this 7-day e-series, pulled together by 6 incredible Christian business women. Over 6 days, you'll learn what it takes - step by step - to move your vision from dream to reality. Each step is simple, yet impactful - with a sound focus on doing business God's way. 


5 Day Prayer Challenge for Faith Focused Women Entrepreneurs

Join Michele Edwards in this 5 day challenge, as you align your business with your calling and discover how you can use your purpose for His good. Get the #1 key component to having a thriving and fruitful business centered on God. Click here to sign up.


Client Generating To-Do List

Kate Boyd shares the steps she takes daily to build her client list. Want clients, but feel stumped on how to actually get them? Download this free to do list and start taking steps toward signing your first client today. Click here to sign up.


Amplify Your Mindset

Before you can truly get to the next level you desire to go to with your brand, you must first actually believe that it's possible to get there. Your mind can never go beyond your thoughts. So if you don't think it's possible, then it won't be. Join Brittany R Robinson for this 3 part video series designed to help you amplify your mindset. Click here to sign up.


Finding Your Tribe On Social Media

Social media powerhouses Kendra + Kleneice help you find and attract the right people to your blog and social media. This free guide will help you gain true, genuine followers who are actually interested in your content and offerings and build an ENGAGED, thriving community on your social media networks. Click here to sign up.