6 Ways To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

6 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

As someone who was formerly a dental hygienist, going to an office every day was what I knew and thought I loved.

But now, experiencing the freedom that a work-from-home business brings to my life is a pretty cool trade.


Do you ever get stuck in a rut, lacking motivation to keep working hard in your work-from-home business?

Yeah, it happens to me too.

One minute I’m productively working, loving the flexibility of being in yoga pants every day. The next minute I wonder how I just took an hour and fifteen minutes scrolling through Facebook when I was just going downstairs to grab a snack?

Here’s the big problem with this: when you lack self-motivation (and self-discipline), working from home can be near impossible.


How do we bring back this motivation and the discipline to keep working hard in our work-from-home business? How can we fight the lazy cycle or squirrel syndrome of too many distractions you work-from-home?

I have a few secrets up my sleeve (6 to be exact). Let’s get started!


1. Have a strong enough “Why” (and keep that front and center)

At some point, you decided to make a go of this work-from-home thing.

Maybe because you wanted more time freedom?

Maybe because you saw this as a potential to make more money while leveraging your time?

Maybe you have always wanted to own your own business and be in control of your hours schedule?

Maybe you became so passionate about sharing your message with others and you saw the need in the marketplace for it?

Or, maybe it truly did fall into your lap, and along the way you’ve discovered how much you love it?

When I decided to make a go of my work-from-home business as an author, speaker and accredited life coach, I didn’t anticipate how much work it would be.

Not only that, but I’m also a mom to “Wannabe Triplets” and I have a hunky husband who I actually like to spend time with.

There are some days I don’t feel like working towards my goals and dreams. There are some days that are just plain hard and I want to give up.

But then I remember my bigger “Why.”

At this time, the two things really fueling me is this: 1) I want to bring my husband home from his 9-5 job so we can pursue our passions and have the flexibility to do summer mission work in Papua New Guinea, and 2) I believe deeply in what God has called me to - help women come alive again by believing in their unique purpose and dreams.

This is my mission. This is what keeps me up late into the night or early in the morning working on this business because this “Why” statement fires me up. It keeps me motivated when my motivation is lacking.

So, what’s your why? Write it out in your journal. Add to it as necessary. Keep it front and center on your desk or wherever you will see it most. Don’t stop believing in your dream.

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2. Find a daily rhythm that works for you

When I was first starting out pursuing my business dreams, I didn’t really have a rhythm. My rhythm was really at the mercy of my three kids (and on whether or not I’d had enough coffee to keep me going).

But once I finally sat down (with my husband) and looked over my calendar intentionally, I began to carve out my “work hours” from my normal daily life stuff. I figured out a rhythm that worked for me.

Of course, this rhythm may be subject to change. Remember that. Don’t fight it, just readjust and keep going.

For example, summer with kids. If you have kids you know what I’m talking about as a work-from-home parent. This will be an obstacle you need to work around to enable you to give your business the time and attention it needs.

The important part is to find a work/life balance rhythm that works for you. Studies show this improves your productivity and will help you stay motivated as you build on this habit of having designated work hours.


3. Take more risks

Taking a certain amount of risk in your goals and dreams can actually bring more motivation to your steps as you work-from-home.

This risk can look like setting a hard launch date for your service or product and sharing it with others publicly which will keep you accountable and motivated to achieve this goal.

It can look like trying out an innovative marketing technique to your business.

It can look like investing in a professional coach to help you reach your goals.

It can look like taking a complete detour from your original idea and trying out a new one.

The truth is, complacency will stagnant you and your motivation for your business. So, stay motivated by trying new things, taking some financial risks, and having deadlines to keep you moving in your business.


4. Consistent positive affirmations

The biggest culprit to our lack of self-motivation is usually our own mind.

Have you ever actually sat back and taken note of how many negative thoughts and emotions your mind manifests each day? I personally believe our default tends to be dwelling on the negative rather than seeing and believing in the positive.

We must stop this vicious cycle! It derails our motivation and derails our progress in our business (as well as damages us personally as well).

So, start by becoming actively aware of when those vicious negativity jabs surface and combat it with a positive affirmation, like “My work is significant, and I am successful.” Even if you don’t feel like it’s true, say it back to yourself as you combat those negative thoughts.


5. Give more to make more

Let’s be honest, we aren’t just in business to do our work for free (that would be called volunteer work not business).

But I believe that the more we give and the more we are generous with our time and money and resources (to an extent, of course), the more income we will make in the long run.

With my book Big and Little Coloring Devotional, I can’t tell you how many books I’ve just plain given away for free. My desire is for others to enjoy it and love it as much as I do. And you know what? This generosity (not to mention an on-trend idea) and more people sharing about it enabled it to become a national bestseller! (What?!)

I believe the more we keep our hands open, giving to others, the more we are able to receive in the process. It may take time, but slowly people will start to respond to your generosity and start to see the value in your products and services. In turn this will keep you self-motivated to work hard and enjoy the work that you do from home.


6. Invest in a Coach

I remember sitting back in my chair and feeling completely overwhelmed with the whole book publishing process. I didn’t know where to start and wasn’t sure I was going to have the self-motivation to keep researching all that I needed to learn to get this dream launched.

So… I hired a coach! Not just any coach, a NY Times Bestselling author and international speaker!

She had an amazing program that I knew would help me reach my goals and dreams to write a book. She had my blueprint for success. She had the tools and system that I could follow easily, rather than trying to figure it all out on my own.

But, I had to invest in order to achieve.

And guess what? Achieve I did because I became a bestselling author within a year of completing her program!

It was absolutely WORTH the investment (and kept me motivated to keep moving forward in my goals and dreams!)

And now? In addition to becoming a bestselling author and speaker, I became a certified accredited Christian life coach because of the benefits I experienced having one myself (plus I found I have quite a knack for it!) I had since become extremely passionate about helping women get unstuck by developing a strong spiritual mindset + gain the specific tools needed to help them reach their business goals and dreams.

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