9 Tips For Surviving Entrepreneurial Doubt (advise for Christian business women)

If you're experiencing doubt in your entrepreneurial journey, know that you are not alone! One of the realities of being a business owner is that there will be times of doubt. However, just because these seasons are normal does not mean that you need to accept them!

We've asked several women in our community how they get through seasons of self doubt in their entrepreneurial journey - below are their answers.

Let their wisdom be a blessing to you today!



Bola Onada Sokunbi of clevergirlfinance.com shares:

I remind myself of my WHY. Why am I running my business? Why do I want to make an impact in lives? How has my business been able to help people in the past? Answering these questions remind me why what I do is worth it. Also in seasons of self doubt, I take conscious breaks because sometimes I get to self doubt after working so hard and then starting to feel like the results as not coming or not as quick as I would like. Finally prayer - honestly - just opening my heart to God and remembering his promises by reading my bible are so important and sometimes as a busy entrepreneur 'm guilty of falling off path with that.


Shi Chen of shichencoaching.com shares: 

Community.  Serving others.  Self care.  

I’ve realized that I tend to self doubt when I feel isolated and stuck in my own head.  So, it helps to lean on my husband, mentors, and dear friends for their support and encouragement.  I’ve also found it healing to serve others, even in small ways or opportunities I’ve haven’t done before.  Generosity always gives me perspective on what really matters in life, and helps me to connect with others on a human level.  Finally, I would say self care, in being kind with my own self-talk.  I can be my own harshest critic, so giving myself grace to not have it all figured out helps me recognize when I’ve misplaced my trust in God and allows me to let go of doubt, little by little.


Kae Whitaker of kaewhitaker.com shares: 

Self doubt is something that I don't care how long you've been doing this entrepreneurial thing, it just loves to creeps it's ugly head.   

Thoughts of not being enough, not doing enough, not deserving to be where you are, and not believing in your own abilities I don't think will ever go away.  And the most funny part of this is, I think the more success you have, the more you start to doubt whether or not this is real, how long it will last, and whether or not you DESERVE to be where you are.

I deal with it in spurts and because I know this happens a lot to me, I've kinda created a system to combat it constantly so when it does happen it's a little easier to come out of. I've got several things that I put in place, but I'll share the easiest method that I use to help combat this so you can almost do this immediately if you are similar to me in the least bit.

I have a praise team.  

Ok, now hear me out this is how it works.  

I surround myself with people that love me and will be my biggest cheerleaders. I know this probably sounds shallow to some, but here's my reality.  I've done a lot of work to become very self aware of my strengths and my weakness and one of the things that helps me get through tough situations are positive affirmation from OTHERS.  

I can look in the mirror and  affirm myself all day long, but when I'm dealing with doubt I need others pushing me on and reminding me of my accomplishments and how I've made a difference in the world around me.  Some call it a love language, support system, praise team, or whatever you'd like to term it, for me it just works, lol.  

So the key to this praise team is, I've briefed them on the rules and they know that they are my praise team (so these people have got to be people you can trust, and often times you'll find that you'll be the same thing for them).  I meet with them at least once or twice a month and share what's been happening.  Their job is to record it for me and keep it in a safe place.  When we meet we talk about my accomplishments that I've shared with them prior and ways that I can immolate that behavior to see similar results.  For me this is a defense mechanism and keeps the positive top of mind, so when I do feel like I haven't done enough or don't deserve whatever God is preparing for me, I've got a system in place that helps remind me of why I DO DESERVE & AM GOOD ENOUGH already in place to combat it.


Deneen Troupe-Buitrago of growfromyouroverflow.com shares:

We all have the voice in our head that tells us we are not equipped to do this, we will fail, why do we think we can ever be successful (well, at least I have these thoughts). At those times I have a strategy, GOD. At these times I step back even more from the busyness of my business and have a strategic session with my CEO. I dig into what the Bible says about me. He has placed me here for this purpose and I know He will give me everything I need. The first defense for these thoughts is to capture the negative thought and then re-frame it by sifting it through Philipppians 4:8 Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Those longer sessions I take once a quarter for an entire day (usually 6 hours). This Quiet Retreat allows me to spend quality time with God and look at my business, get refocused and be energized for the next thing. It helps a lot!

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Janelle Brown of fearfullyfashioned.com shares:

Seasons of self-doubt are inevitable as an entrepreneur. You’ll have moments when you’re really high, and you’ll have moments when you’re really low. It’s apart of the ebb and flow of entrepreneurship. When I encounter seasons of self-doubt, the best thing I can do is to choose to work through it in faith. I love how Lara Casey contrasts the quote, “She believe she could, so she did,” with the more true version, “She believe she couldn’t, so He did.” So when I find myself in seasons of self-doubt, I remind myself that in my own strength, I can’t do anything, but when I partner with the Holy Spirit to operate in His strength, it is He who can do all things through me.


Natalia Crawford of nataliacrawford.com shares:

There are a few things I do during seasons of doubt that I have found to be helpful. First, I take a break. Allowing yourself to step away gives you the opportunity to reset your mind. Sometimes it's a long break, other times it's a quick break such as a walk. The bigger the doubt the longer the break. Then I build up my faith and courage by reading a scripture, listening to sermon or a podcast. It helps build up encouragement. Lastly, I remind myself that God called me to do this and that challenges are simply an opportunity to be the overcomer God says I am and not an excuse or reason to give up.


Kate Boyd of kateboyd.me shares:

As I started my second year in entrepreneurship, I was crushed by a wave of anxiety and depression and incredible self-doubt -- to the point that I couldn't take a compliment without brushing it off as pity. It ate at me. What really pulled me through that was a) a community of close friends and mentors that I could be vulnerable with and share my deepest doubts and fears so they could help me combat the lies I was hearing from the Enemy, and b) creating more room in my life for silence and Scripture so I could just soak in God's Truth and remake what I believed about myself. Those two things helped me shift my mindset and step into fuller confidence.


Samantha Montalbano of boldnessfactor.com shares: 

Making sure I stay connected with God first and foremost and remind myself what He has to say about me. But one of the best ways to get me through is to stay connected with one or two like-minded Christian women entrepreneurs who continue to speak life into me and understand the process. Sometimes you just need a good heart to heart conversation with a girlfriend who gets you.


Naomi Aidoo of 1authenticheart.com shares:

I recall the call on my life. I pray. And I ask myself to ponder who or what is on the other side of my obedience. When I remove the pressure of this needing to be about me and more about He who sent me, it gets easier. His power is made perfect in my weakness after all. I also remind myself of the sweet words my clients have said about my work with them and remind myself that the service I provide is transformational because the God I serve is in the business of transformation! If He's called me to it, He'll continue to bring me through.