Dear friend who hates her work...

Dear friend who hates her work,

I have to admit something that embarrasses me, but I know that God wants to use it to help you not fall into the same trap, so here it goes:

I spent many years pursuing businesses that I had ZERO passion for because I believed everyone was faking the excitement they had for their work. (I called it “faking it to make it”.)

At 18 I joined a company because I felt pressure from my family to do so. My heart was not in it - it fact, I felt sick to my stomach every time I worked on my business. In public, everyone around me seemed so excited and happy. In more private moments, I learned that many others were also struggling - that their excitement was not genuine.

From that experience (and probably others we don’t have time to get into today) I developed a belief that would take me over a decade to shake: joy is condemnation; in other words, if work is enjoyable, it’s not work and therefore you should feel like a slacker when pursuing it.

Boy was I wrong!

Have you ever felt like experiencing joy in your work meant you weren't working hard enough (or doing the right work)? Because work must be work. Like really hard work. Like it's-so-hard-you-can't-enjoy-it work…?

It wasn’t until two years into yet another business that I had no passion for, did it dawn on me that I believed the lie: joy is condemnation. I never challenged it. But at the promptings of a business coach, I started to challenge all my long held, unintentional beliefs. In that time, God revealed something so powerful to me that it’s written on a sticky note that stays tacked to my bulletin board:

Joy is confirmation, not condemnation.

Want to hear something so sweet? In the moment that I revealed this new revelation to my business bestie, she was probably more excited for me than I was for myself! My poor business bestie had been trying to encourage me to pursue things that I was passionate about for well over a year. My goodness, I am hard headed sometimes!

With this new realization, I began to seek out those things that gave me joy. Joy became a new kind of barometer for me. When I found joy in my work, I knew I was on the right path. When I found joy in my work, I accepted and embraced the blessing. When I found joy in my work, I gave God praise!

What are the things that give you joy? Post below in the comments!


Can't wait to hear!

My best,