Why Finding Your Tribe Is Key To Your Brand's Success

Starting a blog or building a business involves many challenges.  One of the toughest obstacles new entrepreneurs face is identifying their target audience.  Lately, I’ve noticed a trend of new bloggers + entrepreneurs venting about the difficulty of creating momentum around their brand.  When questioned about whether they have identified their target audience, they admit that they haven’t.  

Identifying your target audience is truly the foundation of success for your brand.  Your brand is going to depend on the engagement of your tribe, but you’ll have no idea how to build your tribe if you aren’t clear about who is supposed to be there.

I like to think of this as the equivalent of throwing a party without sending invitations to the right people.  Wouldn’t you have more fun if you knew you were going to be surrounded by people who actually WANTED to celebrate with you?

The same thing could be said for business.  You want the right people to be interacting with your brand.  The right people will subscribe to your mailing list.  The right people will share your blog posts.  The right people will invest in your products and services.

So, how do you even begin the process of finding your tribe?


1. Start with the basics of why your brand exists and who you aim to serve.

What is the purpose of your brand / why does it exist?  Is your goal to inform, inspire, design, create, provide, or some combination of those actions? Who are you trying to serve and why? What difference are you trying to make?

Working through those questions should start to bring an ideal person in mind who would be interested in your brand.  Let’s dig just a little deeper.


2. Consider where this person would be online along with her interests and concerns.

How does she spend her time online?  Is she looking for the next recipe to cook for her family on Pinterest?  Is she looking for motivational and inspirational content on Youtube?  Is she searching for networking opportunities on LinkedIn?  

Let’s consider an example of a business targeting Etsy shop owners. It’s likely that this shop owner would spend some time on Instagram and Pinterest, because those are visually-driven social media platforms that she could use to market her products.

While it’s certainly possible, you may not find her regularly using LinkedIn and Google + to advertise her products and shop.  

Just having a basic understanding of what your ideal client’s goals are, what she’s up to in life, etc. can point you in the right direction of narrowing down the social media platforms involved in your marketing strategy.


3. Pay attention to the influencers of your niche

Who is an influencer?  Think of someone who has a popular book, blog, or product in your area of interest.  This person may host conferences, appear on television or podcasts and is viewed as an inspiration and a leader.  

Now take a look at the influencer’s social media accounts.  The top two platforms where she has the largest following is where you need to be.  What’s the rationale behind this?  The social networks where she has the largest, most engaged following is indicative of an audience that is definitely interested and responsive to her content.

After gaining clarity about WHY your brand exists, WHO you serve, WHAT she is interested in, and who else she is FOLLOWING online, it’s time to attract her to your brand!  The hard part was working through steps 1-3!


Are you wondering how to build your tribe on your own social networks?

Lucky for you, we created a guide that shows you exactly how to do just that! Be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Tribe on Social Media for easy strategies to attract your target audience to your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook!