What Does It Mean To Be A Good Steward In Your Business?

Hello, loves! I’m going a little off book this week to talk about something that I’m deeply passionate about that I see a lot of other struggle with — stewardship.

I believe stewardship is about so much more than money. An old friend of mine used to say it’s about time, talent, and treasure. But I find we often limit it to being frugal and tithing. I’d love to expand that this week.


Stewardship of Time

One thing that doesn’t get enough play in the discussion of stewardship is our time. And I think we definitely lose that in this coaching world where we talk about hustle and grind, and not a lot about balance, responsibility, and excellence.

Time is our ONLY non-renewable resource. When it’s gone, we can’t get it back. And often the story our time tells us is one of not making what we SAY are priorities line up with our time. It’s one thing if it’s a season. It’s another if it’s our life and that season just never ends. So often we get caught in that trap.

Our time is precious, and it’s time that we were unashamed with how we use our time and started focusing on what counts when.

This looks like …

  • Taking time for those outside our business that we say are important (family, friends, community)
  • Using time in our business to focus on the effective (creating a plan and not spending time on activities that don’t meet our goals or support our calling)
  • Creating opportunities in our days for explicit Kingdom work (because our highest calling is to seek and save the lost like Christ did)
  • Spending time in our own discipleship (so we can do all of the above fueled by the Spirit)


This week I’d love for you to do a simple activity — track your time. I’ve even got a Google Sheet to help you do it. Make a copy and track your time.

Then ask yourself: what does my time story tell me? What can I learn from and do better?

Because, Dreamers, our days are numbered, and we’ve got BIG dreams and callings. If we’re not using our time well, we’re not pursuing them with excellence.


Stewardship of Talent

YOU have a gift.

Sometimes it’s hard to see it or to remember that or to feel like you have something to offer … but you DO. God didn’t leave anyone out when he was passing out gifts.

But the other hard truth is that you MUST use your gifts and talents. He specifically gave them to you to serve others, to build up his Body, and to bring more people to him. So NOT using your gifts is disobedience. And not using them with EXCELLENCE is poor stewardship.

There’s the parable of the talents where a man gave 3 servants an amount of money. One multiplied it, one added to it, and one gave back just what he’d gotten. Our gifts are given to us to multiply the gifts of others.

If you’re NOT using your gifts or not creating opportunities for you to use your gifts, you’re missing out on the rewards of stewardship, but also on the plain joy of watching others grow in the process.

Right now it looks like serving your clients. Eventually it’ll also include serving your team. And always it’ll look like serving God with them in every arena.


Stewardship of Treasure

Okay, here’s the tricky one. Everyone loves talking time + talent. But treasure is often where things get a little trickier and, frankly, scarier. But I really see this part as bringing everything else in stewardship together BECAUSE money is a huge resource for us.

God has given a lot to us. He provides for us every day (and often more than we need). So money is something we are taught to treat with respect and care (with good reason!). And money is also a way we bless others with what we’ve been given. It’s all a circle of service — just like our time and talents!

Money brings other things together because not only can we be generous givers but we can also use it to maximize things like our time and talents. Sometimes it’s MORE responsible to let go to get more of those things than it is to sit with more money. But parting with money can feel hard and scary when we don’t see it this way.

When it comes to business + money I like to ask myself these questions regularly:

  • Do I have a budget? Does it express my priorities? Am I in line with it?
  • How can I give back using my income? Where can I make more to give more?
  • Where could I invest my money to get more time or talent in my business? Where do I need support to maximize those things for myself?
  • How will those investments help me do that and will they help me create more in my business?

When we look at money, we have to look at the whole picture of stewardship as well.

Yes. Be responsible.

Yes. Be generous.

Yes. Be trusting that God will provide.

Yes. Be confident in yourself.

Yes. Work hard.

Yes. Be willing to get help where you need it.

Yes. Be open to receiving money for your work.

ALL of those elements come together to create a plan for your money that most reflects an attitude of stewardship.

Where do you feel you struggle most in stewardship — time, talent, or treasure?

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