How Have Accountability Partners Changed Your Business?

Rachel Symone:

"Having an accountability partner when it comes to entrepreneurship, and really any part of life, is a game changer. They are able to keep you on the straight and narrow, cheer you on when you want to quit, and even share a little tough love when you're in dire need of it but don't want to admit it. I would not be where I am or even aiming for more if it weren't for the people in my corner, pushing me for more and keeping me continuously prayed up." 


Shi Chen:

“Being a ‘one-woman show’ in business is hard!  It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing the lies that I have to do it all (fear of being enough), I have to do it like her (comparison), or I have to do it perfectly (perfectionism).  The BIGGEST impact of having a business bestie is having someone to speak truth into my life to keep me accountable to sticking to my vision and values AND get things done!  God never meant for us to do life (and business) alone!”


Jasmine Star:

“So often life online looks pretty, like we've curated our business perfectly so no one can see the flaws. It's easier to share the results, not the struggle, pain, and disappointment that sometimes we encounter to get us to our goals. An accountability partner stands next to you as you face each mountain and keeps pushing you on, as well as grounds you when you arrive at the peak. A good partner reminds you of the obstacles you worked through to get where you are and reminds you of how strong you are.”


Trivinia Barber:

“Have you ever gone bowling with a kid? It's so fun, because the facility will put up these nifty little bumpers that basically give you a 99% chance you're going to hit something as your ball slowly meanders from side to side down the alley way.
I have been so blessed that I've had those bumpers in my life, too. I've had multiple accountability partners over the years, who served as my "bumpers", keeping me on track and making sure I live up to not only the business goals I've set, but my personal or spiritual goals, too.
There's something special about an authentic relationship you can count on when you're starting to doubt yourself.
When you allow the "things" we have to do, (that are often just distractions), to creep into your day and dampen your productivity, an accountability partner can serve as that gentle nudge, or forceful shove depending on how stubborn you are - to get you back in your zone, and focused on the goals ahead of you. When you have a win, there's a cheerleader alongside you to celebrate with, and that's often necessary as you grow your business. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place, and having someone to engage with has made all the difference in the growth of my business!”


Carrie Grace:

“I think having accountability partners changed my business because it held me to the goals that I had set for myself. It made me work harder and gave me a place to bounce ideas off of. I feel like it gave me more motivation and drive to work hard and see my goals get checked off. It even helped me break my goals down into manageable parts in order to get closer to the finish line little by little. It also gave me people to celebrate the victories with, which is important!”


Melissa Johnson:

"Having an accountability partner is such a game changer.  Now that I have a team, I lean on my Operations Director as my #1 girl.  But either way, with a team or without one, finding that special person to be the Oprah to your Gail is SO important. ;)  Having an accountability partner makes me even more confident in the decisions I make and fired up about new opportunities.  No one should feel alone on this exciting journey, right?!  It's great to talk to someone who understands and "gets" it. ;)  I also LOVE being on the other side as a cheerleader. It's so fulfilling to me all around."


Lara Casey

“I'm so grateful to work alongside a wonderful, and small, team of eight women. Their encouragement and accountability are priceless for me. We bounce ideas off of each other, help each other solve problems, and support one another in challenging seasons. Even if you don't have a team or co-workers (which describes the large majority of creative entrepreneurs these days), I can almost guarantee that there is someone out there who wants to be on your "team," and have you on hers! Be the invitation, and reach out to a friend who you think you could serve well as an accountability partner. It will bless you both!”



Kristin Molenaar:

“Before I had an accountability partner, I found myself constantly questioning every business decision I made. The reality is that when I was doing everything alone, I was more susceptible to doubt and the enemy's attempts to take me and my businesses down. I needed someone who would stand with me and encourage me in my God-given pursuits. And that is EXACTLY what I got with my Business Bestie! As a result of our relationship, we've been able to tackle BIG things in pursuit of our God-given callings.”

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