How to Create Christ-Centered Customer Service

I recall when a client gave me a $100 tip for giving them the best customer service on this side of the Mississippi.  It was one of the most exciting feelings I could have as a budding entrepreneur.  I thought, “All of this for me?” It was definitely for me, but it did not fall into my lap by chance.  It was earned as a result of stellar customer service mixed with God’s undeniable grace and favor.  

Let’s face it, the customer isn’t always right, but providing first-class customer service is.  

Not only is it right, it is a must if you want to become and remain a leading or in this case, Relevant Entrepreneur in your industry.  So let me ask you…  As it stands, how does your customer service set you apart from your competition?  What is your level of client retention based off of the quality of service you provide?  How have you made yourself irreplaceable to your clients?

Your answers to those questions are important!  Ladies, it is time to slingshot your customer service to the next level, and I am going to show you how with three simple principles.  You ready?  Let’s go!

1. Treat your customers like guests, not dollar $igns.

Just imagine if you were hosting a dinner for your favorite celebrity, and you had only one night to impress them.  Chances are, you would put away the paper plates and break out the fine china, right?

The same principle applies with customers.  Do not give disposable service when you know you are capable of giving your best!  This can include, always being polite even when there is a disagreement, carefully listening to their needs, following up in a timely manner, ensuring consistent communication, etc.  My secret: When I get a new customer, I see someone who has a problem and is desperately looking to my services and products for the best solution.   

Your customers are more than “another sale.”  Treating them as such is the difference between a one-time transaction and a client relationship build to last.  Good or bad, your customers will remember their experience with your business, and it is your responsibility to ensure they are treated like gold.   

2. Stick to deadlines.  

Let’s be honest, sometimes we live as if we have an imaginary “S” on our chests.  I am so guilty of this…  But in doing so, we overload ourselves with more than we can carry, leaving the completion of important tasks delayed or undone.  However, the harsh truth is this… What is happening in our businesses and personal lives is not our client’s problem.  If we have promised to deliver a product by Friday, at 5PM, then that is when it needs to be completed.  I know that is a tough pill to swallow, but, GULP! 

Christ-Centered customer service means we are to be women of our words and meet deadlines accordingly.  That said, we are human and sometimes life happens, but we have to be honest when it does.  Example:  If you know you will need more than a 24hr turnaround timeframe, say it upfront.  Trust me, your customers would rather you be honest than consistently late with their projects.  Remember, they are paying you to receive the best solutions to their problems, not to become one of them. 

3. Solve problems your client did not know they had.  

Have you ever been to a beauty store and next to the registers are travel-sized lotions, soaps, makeup, mirrors, hair products, and every other must have girlie item?  In short, your budget gets boosted by another $35 because some marketing genius presented an instant solution to a problem you did not know you had.  

My friend, this is when customer service transcends into customer care and you show your clients a glimpse of the Promised Land.  It is essential that you think ahead of the current project and see your customer’s big picture.  This is when remembering you have two ears and one mouth will work to your advantage.  Listen to what your client is and is not saying and show them that you genuinely care about their long-term success.  

This can be done by creating package deals, presenting customized solutions, offering a “free with purchase” special, etc.  Be innovative and ask yourself, “What additional services or products do I offer that will help my client long after this deal is closed?”

Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job. [Anonymous]