How To Market Yourself As A Christian Blogger

How To Market Yourself As A Christian Blogger

Becoming a blogger is also becoming an expert in marketing your own work and showing what you can offer to your readers. As a new blogger you will quickly begin to see how important social media will be for your blog.

Creating an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest account can either make you or break you as a blogger in the big blogging atmosphere. There is one thing all of these platforms have in common: people will only spend three to five seconds looking over your profile before deciding to follow you or not.

Your social profiles are where you have the ability to make a connection with potential readers and loyal followers. Those three to four sentences that describes who you are, what you do, and what you offer is limited time and space.

In my private Facebook Group for Christian Bloggers and in my eBook for beginner bloggers, I express the importance of a well written profile and about me page, and how this can all affect how you brand yourself as a blogger.

Branding essentially comes down to how you represent yourself. It’s about being authentic and true about who you are and what your vision is. Branding done well shows your readers what to expect facilitated by the consistency in your writings and style.


Before creating a brand and an about me page (which eventually go hand in hand), consider and write down your answers to these questions:

  • What is your blog's niche?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the vision for your blog?
  • What is your mission statement?
  • How do you want to help your readers? What problems would you like to solve for them?
  • What do you see for yourself and your blog in a year from now?

Most importantly:

  • Do you feel comfortable sharing who you are with strangers?

Being a blogger with a loyal following is about building trust and being loyal to them. The best way you can do this is by being exactly who you are.

As a Christian Blogger, it is very important that I share with my readers, within that three to four second first impression window, that I am a Christian and my blog is a Christian based blog. This attracts the attention of my target audience - other Christian bloggers, and it is who I hope to speak to through my writings. By letting them know immediately I am a Christian, I am letting them know what to expect from me and my blog.

Too many times I have visited a blogger's about me page or social media profile that did not match up with the content on their blog. As a reader, I felt mislead. Needless to say, it was not a blog that I bookmarked to go back to.

As a blogger, it’s your responsibility to not do this to your readers.


Here are a few things you should add to your ‘About Me’ page to avoid making the same mistake:

  • A professional picture that shows your personality.
  • A paragraph about your blog and what readers should expect. Keep your audience in mind when writing this. You want them to know the blog is to for them and you have their best interest at heart.  
  • A paragraph of who you are. What's your story? What inspired you to create your blog? What is your vision for yourself and the blog?
  • A paragraph about your faith. As a Christian Blogger, this is where you share your passion about being a follower of Christ. You want them to get to  know you as Christian because it is part of who you are which is what will be part of creating your brand.
  • Lastly, let them know how they can stay connected with you. Share your social media links and explain how they can become a subscriber to your blog.

On a blog, the ‘About Me’ page is generally found on a page of its own. As your blog grows, it will become one of the most visited page. If you have not yet created an ‘About Me’ page or think it may need to be revised, I highly recommend doing this immediately. When written well, this page has the ability to create loyal readers, especially as a Christian Blogger. Your readers will quickly desire a relationship with you because of your shared faith.

If you feel like you may lose some readers by sharing your faith, be comforted by the fact that  you will only be losing readers who do not have your best interest at heart or want to truly get to know the creator behind the blog.

After working on the ‘About Me’ page for your blog, it’s time to create your social media profile. Making these two things cohesive is part of creating a brand. Remember: Proper Branding = Consistency

As I mentioned previously, most social media profiles will only give you enough space for three to four sentences to describe who you are. You will need to grab the audience’s attention and heart within seconds.


Here is what I recommend to bloggers for their social media profiles:

  • Professional profile picture. This picture should be the same across all your social media platforms and your blog.
  • One sentence or one to two words of who your are. Example: Christian Blogger.
  • One sentence or one to two words about your faith. Example: Jesus Follower
  • Once sentence of what your blog is about. Example: Encouraging women to build their house with His mercy and grace.
  • Once sentence of what you offer: Check out blog for tips on marriage.

The length of words available will differ on each platform, but they should all be similar. Use different wording if needed to shorten sentences from one profile to the next.

Remember, you are a leader as the blogger of your own site. As a leader, what message, brand, and impression do you want to give to potential readers? How do you want to be known?

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