How to Stand Out on Social Media

How To Stand Out On Social Media
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A couple of years ago, I was building my second business, and I suddenly found the world of entrepreneur Facebook groups. Just a few years earlier when I started my first business, those weren’t really a thing. Facebook groups were for paid programs.

A whole new world was open to me … and one where I suddenly felt compelled to hide because everyone seemed so much shinier and successful than I was. I didn’t have professional photos. I barely knew what my business was. So I found myself doing what I would NEVER tell anyone else to do … imitating them.

Soon I was just another business coach in the bunch. Posting, commenting, messaging, and I hated it. It was draining and, frankly, I didn’t see many results from the start. That is, until I remembered that instead of just trying to keep up, what I really needed to do was stand out.

I’ve been in marketing for years. So this wasn’t exactly news, but it was one of those things that I had forgotten in the hustle and bustle of comparison. Since then, social media has become the linchpin for my marketing. I get discovery calls booked from Instagram and hundreds of website hits from Facebook.

And it’s because I think I’ve finally cracked the code on human-driven communication and how it works through social media. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the keys to show up and stand out on social media.



Be on the Right Channels

There is a wrong way to stand out, and that’s to stand out in the wrong place. Not only is it challenging, but it’s also a waste of time -- and I know you don’t have time for that!

So how do you find the right channels? Well, you want to find the perfect combination of where your tribe hangs out and where you love to show up. It might be you have to try some less than comfortable channels to get used to them, but you shouldn’t avoid them if that’s where your people are.

If you’re at the right party then you’re halfway to having the time of your life.



Stand Out by Specializing

The real secret to standing out is something we call “positioning.” It means picking a specialization that narrows down your competition. It also means you have to make a choice and answer the question, “What ONE THING do you want to be known for?”

Here are five key places that you can find a differentiator for yourself:

  1. The people you serve
  2. The problem you solve
  3. The process you use
  4. The payoff your clients see
  5. The personality you bring to the table

When you differentiate yourself that way, you’re set up to be more taggable than ever!


Use Your Marketing Advantage

Once you know where to show up and what to focus on, you then need to know HOW to go about spreading your message. Everyone has a secret advantage, a strength, or a point of view that helps them in marketing.

I’ve narrowed them down to the following 7 types:

  1. Teacher
  2. Visionary
  3. Curator
  4. Connector
  5. Storyteller
  6. Believer
  7. Straight Talker

When you know how you best serve and sell, then you know how to use these advantages in layers in order to be your best self on social media and start seeing the clients come through.


Have the Right Content

Once you have all of the other things, you need to know how to build the know, like and trust factor in order to convert on your social media channels. I’ve developed what I call the Content Funnel which includes the key types of content you need to build strong relationships that lead to sales with your content.


Know Content

Searchable: This is the type of content that has answers to their most pressing questions and uses their language to be found.

Shareable: This is content like quotes and articles that people love to share which exposes your message to others.

Engagement: This is content that evokes a response like questions so that your content gets seen by more people that follow you and sometimes others.


Like Content

Strong Opinion: This is content that is controversial and goes against industry norms or myths.

Stories: These are personal parts of your life or challenges that make you seem human online.

Personality: These are posts that show your personality or just how you layer in who you are into your posts so people know your voice.


Trust Content

Transformation Tips: These are tips designed to get people a quick win or learn a fast and helpful tip to implement.

Belief Tips: These are tips designed to help people shift perspectives and beliefs or overcome objections to your work.

Social Proof: These are testimonials or key features that show you’re a trustworthy person.


Once you layer these in and then make strategic asks for calls, connections, or email list subscribers, you have a schedule and system that works for you everywhere you show up.

This is the exact system that I have used in my 3 businesses that has led to massive success even with small followings in the last 4 years.

Since then, I’ve even used it with my clients and they have seen success as well — whether it’s during their launch or just their every day marketing.

Why does this work?

Because it takes humans and how they naturally build relationships with one another into account. It uses the best of you to reach the best of your people and to call for action when it feels right.

And the best part is that it ends the cycle of endless content creation. Once you have a message, you can easily create 6 months of social media content in just a couple of days. I know because I do it often for my clients!

It’s easy, systematized, and makes sure your social media is always working for YOU instead of you working for it.

I’ve recently packaged up my Content Funnel framework and the tools I use to create and manage my clients’ social media for you in the Client Attracting Content Bundle.

It gives you …

>>In depth video trainings on my content funnel framework that will have people going from social to sold.

>>Easy prompts to help you find your stand out message and generate hundreds of content ideas that establish you an expert in very little time.

>>Formulas and templates to write engaging content that converts.

>>My ultra organized spreadsheet system + swipe social media schedule to batch create and stay organized so you’ll never be without a post again.

And you can grab this proven social media content system that can keep your calendar full with qualified leads for less than $100.