The Power of Yet

A fatal flaw in many of us, is that we only do what we’re good at, and shy away from the fun that lies in between what we know, and what we’ve yet to learn.

I noticed this recently when I read a post from a friend about an Adventure Mastermind he’s putting together.

Entrepreneurs who’d reached a certain level of success were invited to join him for an epic adventure hiking, mountain biking, learning and networking in the mountains of Utah.

Everything about the event sounded fun, except for the hiking and mountain biking.

I can’t do either, mainly because physically, I don’t have the endurance, yet.

Often, we shy away from doing the activities that we haven’t mastered, for fear of looking foolish, failing miserably or not getting the same level of results we get in other areas of our lives.

The Power of Yet, is a concept that’s taken me a significant amount of time and energy to wrap my head around.

While I’m not able to do crane pose in yoga, yet… I also wasn’t able to do half pigeon two months ago, either.

Life, when looked at through the lens that progress is literally the pavement on the road of perfection we seek, becomes enjoyable and less measured by the wins we have, but more so by the failures we’ve racked up while trying.

Sara Blakeley, founder of Spanx said it best when she recalled her father asking her and her brother each night at dinner, “what did you fail at today?”. The idea that we should be failing, because it meant we were attempting difficult things, and ever growing in our pursuit of yet, was ingrained in Blakely and her brother from a young age.

It allowed her to take risks when she otherwise wouldn't have, and as you can see if you follow her on social media, she’s comfortable sharing her defeats, just as much (if not more so), than her successes.

There are three areas to you must master if you plan on harnessing the Power of Yet:

Focus on Fact, not Fear.

There’s a quote that hangs near my husband’s desk. It says: “Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear”. It’s a powerful reminder to him, and to me that when we get locked in our own mind, and focus only on the fears we have about if we’ll make the cut for the high level mastermind, or if we’ll get the speaking gig we’ve applied for, close the 5 figure deal with the new client, or even negotiate the lease on our event venue to an appropriate amount… we’re imprisoned by the fear that things won’t go as we’d hoped. We sabotage our success by focusing on the fears we have, instead of the facts at our disposal.

The fact is, you may not get into the mastermind, but as a pal Adrienne Dorison once asked me “Will you die?”... and if the answer is no, then you’re likely going to be just fine.

Focus on Facts, not fear.

Words are still power, people.

Ever tell yourself it’s not worth it, that you can’t do it, or that you’re never going to understand? The hard to swallow truth is, that you’re right. If you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t, or that you aren’t able… you’re subconsciously believing the lies of the enemy literally put in place to derail you from reaching your goals. You must commit to re-writing the script you’ve been telling yourself on the regular.

Replace it with the truth.

If God’s word isn’t enough to convince you, ask a friend to tell you how they really see you. A simple challenge of posting on Facebook to ask your friends and followers “What are two words you’d use to describe me?”, and you’ll see a massive shift in your confidence and abilities to get more accomplished than you ever believed yourself capable.

Use words to shape the future you, and who you are working toward becoming.


Reboot the Computer of Your Mind

As frustrating as it is, when I’m having a technology issue and my husband asks me “did you restart?”, he’s typically right. The same way our computers or phones need to reset occasionally, our minds need the same shut down, and restart in order to clear the cache, and simply start fresh.

Whether that looks like a mid-day break to take a walk around the park, or a weekend adventure to the beach to listen to the waves and feel sand in between your toes, there is a “restart” that needs to happen with our mindset, too.

A few minutes of meditation each morning can serve as your mind’s way of resetting back to normal, and giving your body and soul the fuel it needs to look at life from a different perspective.

In my world, my reset’s often take shape of cooking a meal, working in the yard, or going for a run. It’s a change of location when I start to feel overwhelmed at my task list, or frustrated with my lack of progress on a project.

A restart may not be what you want when you have a million tabs open and too much to do with little time to get it done, but I assure you… the replenishment you’ll find in giving your central nervous system have a moment to re-boot, will typically catapult you into the next great idea, or solution to the challenge you’ve been agonizing over for weeks.

I’m not joining the Adventure Mastermind this year, but I’ve committed to 2019, and I’ve put in place a training program (a hard reset, on my fitness, if you will), to ensure I will be ready to go the next time it’s an option.

I’m not there, yet… but I’m well on my way.

Where are you headed? Will you let fear stop you? I sure hope not!