Why Walking By Faith Will Propel Your Business To The Next Level

Think of life as a race to get to the top of a delusional pyramid created by the culture. From the time we were born, we weren’t given a choice as to whether or not we wanted to partake in this race. We were assigned a number (our names) and a team (our nationality, religious affiliation, hobbies, talents, etc.) by our parents, and trained by our educational institutions, social circles, and the media on how to get to the top of this pyramid. They formulated our definition for right, wrong, beautiful, successful, happy based on their level of awareness, and then told us to thrive without teaching us how to survive.

Some of us were born with obvious talents, and some of us were born with obvious handicaps, which created envy and comparison. We started becoming our own worst critic by constantly checking our ranks in the race, which created depression, anxiety, and fear. When a friend or colleague fell behind, we secretly celebrated the fall of another competitor, which created selfishness, distrust, and dishonesty. And when the “lucky” handful of us finally reached the top, bruised, battered, and shattered by all the negative weight we picked up along the way, all we were left wondering is why winning felt so worthless.

You see… what the culture didn’t tell us, is that the prize for getting to the top of this delusional pyramid is a pyrrhic victory (a victory or goal achieved at too great a cost that it no longer feels like a victory).


Now imagine removing yourself from this race by going against the standards of society. No one is a competitor, so there’s no need for comparison. There are no ranks or systems of hierarchy, so you fill yourself with love rather than self-depreciation. You start supporting and encouraging your friends and colleagues, so your relationships are strengthened by trust and humility. This is the very core of what it means to walk by faith. If you want to transform your business and become a respectable leader, you need to let go of the short-term safeties of the race, and learn to be guided by something as intangible, invisible, and inconceivable as your faith.


The first step is geting your WHY right.

If the reason you’re in business is because you want to make a lot of money, achieve a lot of success and boast about how you’ve made it in life, then you’re bound for failure. You’ve succumbed yourself to the demise of the race, since you cannot base sustainable success on external things that can be taken away from you. You need to be motivated from within to make positive impacts in society, and genuinely love the work you’re doing, despite the outcomes.  We were made to love God and love people. So the WHY of your business must be based on allowing God to use your talents and gifts to bless other people, not yourself. The level of your realness will determine the impact of your ministry. So in everything you do, start with why.


The second step is understanding that walking by faith means taking the road less traveled.

It's about seeking long-term gratification rather than short-term satisfaction. Walking by faith can actually look a lot like failing at times because you no longer measure your success to the standards of the norm. People start thinking you’re falling behind or that you’re aloof in some imaginary world when in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

People are falling behind by wasting precious time competing in a race that prevents them from living the fullness of life. Walking by faith is far from easy, which is why many people choose to stay in the short-term securities of the race. It requires you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable by consistently challenging the status quo.

In the beginning it’ll feel unsafe, lonely, and unnerving. You’ll slip up and try to reenter the race just so you can feel some level of safety and belonging. But if you want to experience true liberation in your personal life and in your business, free yourself from the race, let go of the weights of negativity, and allow yourself to be guided by faith, even if that means making hard decisions not everyone agrees with. Even if it looks like taking a step backward to do the right thing. And even if it temporary looks like failing.


The third step is becoming goal-oriented.

Goal-oriented means to have a vision coupled with tangible steps to achieving that vision. Goal-oriented is good. On the other hand, outcome-oriented means to be led by outcomes, solutions, answers in a way where we set conditions to our happiness and our definition of success.  “My business is only a success if we’re valued at X amount in two years. If this event doesn’t work out, my company is a failure. I’ll only be happy if we get an investor on board.” The demise of chasing certainty and outcomes is that we miss it. We miss the whole point. Our society has no tolerance for uncertainty. Every gap must be filled, every unknown must be known, and every question must be answered. There’s no room for ambiguity because ambiguity isn’t safe.

But there’s a reason they say faith gives you freedom. Faith is seeing that the blessings come from the process, not the promises. It’s being able to find beauty in every moment because beauty is not contingent on an outcome. It’s understanding that as soon as we label and define our happiness, we limit ourselves.

So don’t miss it. Embrace the in-betweens and the unknowns. Stop chasing outcomes and start celebrating moments.

Sharon KimComment