Why Email Automation is Your New BFF

Why Email Automation is Your New BFF.png
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Email is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. Despite the rise of social media, email still remains the strategy with the highest ROI, and that makes every person on your list not just a subscriber but a potential customer.

From the beginning, you can utilize a “welcome series” or other strategic sequences to nurture your new subscribers into devoted fans. And with today’s smart email systems, you don’t even have to do it manually anymore.

Enter email automation. Your new biz BFF.

Email automation works exactly how it sounds, and our favorite tool for it is ConvertKit. At Relevant Entrepreneur we recently switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit because of its ability to set up smarter automations because of its tagging and segmenting capabilities.

And we’ve been loving this feature so much that we thought we’d share with you a quick tutorial on how to set up your first automation inside of ConvertKit … because it’s crazy easy and in the end, allows you the benefit of nurturing your audience on autopilot.

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Step 1. Create your lead magnet and promotional copy.

In order to get people on your list, it helps to have what’s called a “lead magnet” or “opt-in freebie.” This gives people an incentive to get on your email list by providing them with a valuable resource.

Once you have this in place, you’ll want to write out the benefits in order to have information to put on your ConvertKit landing page.


Step 2. Create an opt-in landing page.

Now we need a page to send people to in order to sign up for our lead magnet. This is called an opt-in page or a landing page. With ConvertKit, you don’t have to learn a complicated program because it has templates prepared for you to simply plug and play your information.

Monetize Your God-Given Calling opt-in


Step 3. Write your sequence.

Once your lead magnet gets delivered, you’ll want to create a sequence of emails to help people get to know you, what your business is all about, and how you serve them. It’s also a great place to hear from them or get them into your other communities.

Carefully craft your emails and have them ready to go so we can set up the technical side of the automation.


Step 3. Set up the sequence in ConvertKit.

Your sequence is now ready to be put into ConvertKit in order to become a part of your automation in the next step. Here’s a quick video showing you how to set that up.


Step 4. Create the automation.

Now it’s time to set up the flow of the automation from form to sequence to segmenting. The visual builder inside of ConvertKit makes this super easy.

And voila! You are now not only prepared to add people to your email list but also to nurture them into loyal fans.