Why It’s Okay To Go Against The Grain In Entrepreneurship

I started my business in the summer of 2016, and like most newbie entrepreneurs I had a desire to be successful. I felt like God was leading me away from my 9-5 and into my dreams of entrepreneurship! So I knew the possibilities were endless, but what was my plan?

Coming from a background in event planning, I was good with coming up with a plan to follow, but not so good at following God’s plan for my life. Maybe you can relate…

You have this amazing idea for a project and that anxious feeling rises up inside you because you’re thinking of a million ways to start your new awesome project. And you’re like “I have to do something NOW Jesus!” But you never once stopped to ask God what you should do, or if this is even something you should be pursuing right now?

That was the story of my whole life! I was full of ambition and fire but I lacked faith and patience. I was super quick to start something, but didn’t stop long enough for God to show me what His plan was! Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves, am I doing what I want to do, or is this what God is leading me to do?

You see for the first 7 months of my business, I was trying so hard to do what I wanted to do in business. I made my own plans, made my own ways, and tried to do my own things without taking God’s plans into consideration. And as a result, I was overwhelmed, overworked and got ZERO results! I was so busy following every big name entrepreneurs, system, process, and strategy, that I was completely oblivious to God’s ultimate plan for my business.


If God gave you the idea for your business, it’s now your responsibility to acknowledge Him in all of your ways so that He can direct your path.

This blog post isn’t about my terrible business mistakes, it’s about God’s grace and mercy. It’s about how much God loves us, despite our faults or mistakes. Although I got off to a rough start in my business, God’s grace was still sufficient. God still had a plan for my business, and now I happily follow His business blueprint for my business. I’m going to take a snippet of my story and share it below. You may not have dealt with the same exact problem but the principle is the same. God’s ways are not our ways! God has an individual best pathway for your life [Psalms 32:8], and He wants nothing more than to see you walk out His plans!


I had a desire to create an online course:

So when I started my business, I heard a lot about creating passive income through courses. So I developed a desire to create a course for my business. So naturally what did I do? I found an entrepreneur who was successful at creating courses and followed their blueprint (not God’s blueprint). In the span of 7 months, I created about 3 or 4 courses and guess how many sales I made? ZERO! That’s right, a big fat zero! But I did everything I knew to do: create freebies, funnels, social media marketing, paid ads, everything! If you name it, I did it! I was so discouraged and thought, “I’m doing everything I know to do, but nothing is working.” After 7 months of disappointment, I decided to take a course hiatus until 2017. When 2017 came, God had been working on my heart to give my entire business over to Him. And since I wasn’t doing the greatest job of running it, I willingly surrendered. I completely gave in and surrendered it all to God, and started to trust in His plan for my business.


In February of 2017 something happened…..

I was approached by a self-publishing company and was asked to teach their authors how to build their brands. After I picked my mouth up off the floor in disbelief, I couldn’t do anything but praise the Lord for His favor!

My (emphasis on MY) original thoughts was to take the authors on one by one, but God had other plans. In my prayer time, I really felt like the Lord wanted me to create a course for the authors. Out of the many courses, I created in 2016, one, in particular, was created to teach my students how to build an impactful brand. All I needed to do was tailor the content to authors, record new material, and BAM a new course. The CEO loved it and loved the fact that we could send as many authors through the program as we wanted.

It wasn’t until we had our first team meeting that I realized God had granted the desire of my heart to create a course for my business. It was God's plan all along for me to create a course for my business, but the problem was, I was trying to figure His plans out on my own. But when I surrendered to His plans, that desire came to pass His way and in His timing.


So here’s what God did:

Granted my heart's desire of creating a course

I didn’t have to do any social media ads

No sales funnels

No marketing

I was able to charge over 100 - 200% more than I was charging in 2016

Students are literally handed over to me every day!

So I spent 7 months of my life struggling to try to make this happen on my own. But when I surrendered everything over to God and trusted in His plan for my business, His opened one door that led me to my heart’s desire. And I didn’t have to overwork myself to get any results, God did everything!


That’s Going Against The Grain!

If I could give you a takeaway from this post it would be to ask yourself this question….

Is what you’re doing right now in your business what God is calling you to do? If so, are you doing that thing His way and waiting for His perfect timing?

If not, then why are you wasting your energy and time doing it when you could be focusing on what God is calling you to do right now?!

I hope this post is a blessing to you. My prayer is that you will surrender what you think you know about business over to God and allow His plans to become your plans!