Why It's Time To Stop Waiting And Start Building Your Business!

I’ve got a new motto: Give grace, not excuses.

I find I needed that to balance my life and all the pressure I’ve put on myself, and it’s been especially clear during the 30 days of prayer we’re doing that I need more grace in my life. I think that’s true for you, too.

But just as much as you need grace, you also need to cut the excuses, friend. We can spend our whole lives delaying our obedience and our dream because of the little things we think we need to have just right. Things like:

  • Perfect website
  • Amazing headshots and photos
  • A launch plan you put together 6 months in advance
  • All the technology every expert mentions

But truthfully, you don’t.

When I started my businesses I did all these by myself and in simple ways, so they didn’t become reasons I didn’t start.

I built my own website and wrote all the content. I created the branding. I set up my own email list. I designed my freebies. I went to my back porch, set up a tripod (or a stack of books for biz #1) and took my own photos. I launched my first product on a whim in a week. And I’ve taught myself everything from webinars to Facebook ads to email automation.

I stopped studying everyone else. I stopped looking at what seemed perfect. I stopped seeing all the flaws in my own stuff. I just did it.

And I tell you what, that’s why I’m here today.

Because I just started. So here are my top tips to keep you moving forward excuse-free.


Just start … anything.

Truthfully this is where I get stuck more than anything. I just want to be free, you know. That to-do list and all those webinars just kept telling me how much more I needed to do, and it can be paralyzing.

What I’ve discovered is that action trumps fear every time. Every single time. So just starting can create a snowball effect that keeps your momentum going and going and going. Even if you only have an hour a week (but I’m willing to bet it’s more than that), you can just start. And every time you do, the next time gets even easier.


Keep it simple

I know you want that awesome pop-up box and the really cool thingamajig that the bigwigs have, but if we’re being honest: you don’t need it. Would it be great? Sure. Do you need it to start? Nope. You can just start.

Keep it simple first. Then you can worry about fancy later. The beauty of an online business is that it truly takes SO little to start up. A few small investments and you’re golden. But we over-complicate it by looking at people who are years ahead of us.

Keep your eyes on your own paper, do what you can, and make it better later.


Focus in a few key areas first

When you first start your business, it’s gonna be really easy to want to do all the things. You’ll be planning challenges, running webinars, creating courses, designing 100 freebies, and more. But you don’t need all of that, and you certainly don’t need it all at once.

You have to start by:

  • Clarifying your purpose, message, and brand
  • Building an audience and relationships
  • Providing value everywhere by getting visible
  • Determining revenue streams and validating them

You don’t have to do everything, and in fact, by taking in #allthefreebies you’re taking away your own confidence and ability to focus. Keep your eyes on your own paper and do what you know.


Invest where it makes the most difference

I’m all about stewardship. I believe that you need to look at what’s working and what’s not and invest wisely.

Take a good look at yourself. Know your strengths and your needs. Invest time and energy where you have strength. Invest money where you have needs. Check out your stats and see what is making the most in your bottom line right now. Invest more (time and energy) in what is and chuck out what isn’t.

Do not be afraid to get help (even with stuff you know you can do). Sometimes we need help seeing our businesses from far away, which is why God didn’t create business to be a solo activity. It’s a community one. We’re made to lean on one another, so we each serve at our highest capacity. That’s where knowing yourself, kicking away the excuses, and reaching out for help can make a big difference.

And what happens when you mess up in these areas? Well, give grace. You’re not perfect. You’re only human, and it’s totally okay to mess up. But you gotta pick up and keep going so it doesn’t become your next excuse. Because I know you can do this.

We’d love to hear what excuse you’re going to stop telling yourself today. Post it below (so you’ve got that accountability), then get to work, my friend!

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