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KRISTIN MOLENAAR, President + Founder

Myer Briggs: ENFJ | Strengths Finders: Strategic, Communication, Woo, Positivity, Relator

Kristin is passionate about helping others discern God's call on their life and then encouraging them to take bold action. She's a SoCal native who has enjoyed making Phoenix her home. She is in love with Jesus, her husband, and all things entrepreneurialism.

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MICHELE EDWARDS, Community Director

Myer Briggs: ISFP | Strengths Finders: Restorative, Harmony, Empathy, Consistency, Responsibility

Helping women grow their faith and their business is her jam. She loves strategizing with her clients and showing them how to master marketing with their authentic message. She's a rocking mom of 3 who loves puzzles, dancing, and self development.

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KATE BOYD, Content Director

Myer Briggs: ISTJ | Strengths Finders: Analytical, Harmony, Individualization, Connectedness, Learner

Kate believes women are going to transform the world, and she loves to equip and empower them to love Jesus more freely and focus their energy on their callings. She lives in Dallas with her husband and dog and loves to knit, read theology for fun, and binge on Netflix.


The vision that God has for Relevant Entrepreneur is far greater than what our small team can accomplish alone - equipping and empowering women in pursuit of a God-given business dream is something that can only be accomplished by a united community.

We are always on the lookout for women who love Jesus, know their stuff and can contribute valuable business building knowledge to our growing audience!

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